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Created Jul 24, 2018
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Add 3 buttons to Helpy
var button = function(url, icon, linked_text) {
var $icon = $('<i class="circle-icon"></i>')
.css('color', '#666');
var $buttonLink = $("<a></a>")
return $("<div class='col-md-4 col-sm-4 col-xs-4 text-center article-icon'></div>").append($buttonLink);
$buttonBlock = $('<div id="featured-categories" class="row"></div>')
.append(button('/en/knowledgebase', 'fas fa-laptop', 'Knowledgebase'))
.append(button('/en/community', 'fas fa-comments', 'Community'))
.append(button('/en/topics/new', 'fas fa-comment', 'Open a Ticket'));
$($buttonBlock).insertAfter('#upper-wrapper'); // use .flat-main-panel for flat theme
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