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Last active Nov 26, 2015
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GIOP MATE for Wireshark
Pdu giop_pdu Proto giop Transport tcp/ip {
Extract giop_addr From ip.addr;
Extract giop_port From tcp.port;
Extract giop_type From giop.type;
Extract giop_request_id From giop.request_id;
Extract giop_request_op From giop.request_op;
Gop giop_req On giop_pdu Match (giop_addr, giop_addr, giop_port, giop_port,giop_request_id) {
Start (giop_type = 0);
Stop (giop_type = 1);
Extra (giop_request_op);
Gog giop_session {
Member giop_req(giop_addr, giop_addr, giop_port, giop_port,giop_request_id );
Extra (giop_request_op);
if not exist GIOP mkdir GIOP
for %%P in (*.pcap) do tshark -o "mate.config: c:\data\quantel.mate" -R "mate.giop_session.Duration >= 1" -2 -r %%P -w GIOP\%%~nP.pcap
SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion
set myfiles=
IF [%1]==[] ( set FILTER=* ) else ( set FILTER=%1 )
IF [%2]==[] ( set OUTFILE=giop.pcapng ) else ( set OUTFILE=%2.pcapng )
for %%f in (%FILTER%) do set myfiles=!myfiles! "%%f"
rem Cmd /V:on /c
mergecap.exe -w %OUTFILE% %myfiles%
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