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Writing a Text Adventure Game in Go - Part 1 (uses a *Location for Game.CurrentLocation)
package main
import (
type Game struct {
Welcome string
Health int
CurrentLocation *Location
func (g *Game) Play() {
for {
if g.Health <= 0 {
fmt.Println("You are dead, game over!!!")
fmt.Printf("Health: %d\n", g.Health)
fmt.Println("You can go to these places:")
for index, loc := range g.CurrentLocation.Transitions {
fmt.Printf("\t%d - %s\n", index+1, loc)
i := 0
for i < 1 || i > len(g.CurrentLocation.Transitions) {
fmt.Printf("%s%d%s\n", "Where do you want to go (0 - to quit), [1...", len(g.CurrentLocation.Transitions), "]: ")
newLoc := i - 1
g.CurrentLocation = locationMap[g.CurrentLocation.Transitions[newLoc]]
func (g *Game) ProcessEvents(events []string) {
for _, evtName := range events {
g.Health += evts[evtName].ProcessEvent()
type Event struct {
Type string
Chance int
Description string
Health int
Evt string
func (e *Event) ProcessEvent() int {
s1 := rand.NewSource(time.Now().UnixNano())
r1 := rand.New(s1)
if e.Chance >= r1.Intn(100) {
hp := e.Health
if e.Type == "Combat" {
fmt.Println("Combat Event")
fmt.Printf("\t%s\n", e.Description)
if e.Evt != "" {
hp = hp + evts[e.Evt].ProcessEvent()
return hp
return 0
type Location struct {
Description string
Transitions []string
Events []string
var evts = map[string]*Event{
"alienAttack": {Type: "Combat", Chance: 20, Description: "An alien beams in front of you and shoots you with a ray gun.", Health: -50, Evt: "doctorTreatment"},
"doctorTreatment": {Type: "Story", Chance: 10, Description: "The doctor rushes in and inject you with a health boost.", Health: +30, Evt: ""},
"android": {Type: "Story", Chance: 50, Description: "Data is in the turbo lift and says hi to you", Health: 0, Evt: ""},
"relaxing": {Type: "Story", Chance: 100, Description: "In the lounge you are so relaxed that your health improves.", Health: +10, Evt: ""},
var locationMap = map[string]*Location{
"Bridge": {"You are on the bridge of a spaceship sitting in the Captain's chair.", []string{"Ready Room", "Turbo Lift"}, []string{"alienAttack"}},
"Ready Room": {"The Captain's ready room.", []string{"Bridge"}, []string{}},
"Turbo Lift": {"A Turbo Lift that takes you anywhere in the ship.", []string{"Bridge", "Lounge", "Engineering"}, []string{"android"}},
"Engineering": {"You are in engineering where you see the star drive", []string{"Turbo Lift"}, []string{"alienAttack"}},
"Lounge": {"You are in the lounge, you feel very relaxed", []string{"Turbo Lift"}, []string{"relaxing"}},
func main() {
g := &Game{
Health: 100,
Welcome: "Welcome to the Starship Enterprise\n\n",
CurrentLocation: locationMap["Bridge"],

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@christophelg christophelg commented Aug 23, 2016

After reviewing your code, I actually don't understand why we maintain a map of Events and Locations. And then use string to reference them.

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