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Created June 21, 2011 14:08
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jQuery Mobile: Simple dynamic page creation
/* Dynamically create a page and navigate to it.
(and include the page in browser history ) */
//create markup
var newPage = $("<div data-role=page data-url=yay><div data-role=header><h1>YAY!!!!</h1></div><div data-role=content><img src= /></div></div");
//append it to the page container
newPage.appendTo( $.mobile.pageContainer );
//go to it
$.mobile.changePage( newPage );
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tbeseda commented Sep 6, 2011

Is the data-url attribute important?

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ngardner commented Sep 7, 2011

The data-url is required for the browser history, so the browsers "back" button works correctly. Its value is insignificant it just has to be there.

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vrcosta commented Nov 21, 2011

If I set the data-url attribute and press the back button, it produces the following error:

PhoneGapLog(480): file:///android_asset/www/js/phonegap-1.1.0.js: Line 930 : JSCallback Error: Request failed.

Any idea? Thanks.


Updating to phonegap 1.2 and JQM 1 dit not solved my problem.

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Thank you so much! This finally worked for me!

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Any luck with that? I'm getting the same problem with PhoneGap 1.2 and JQM 1.0

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vrcosta commented Apr 19, 2012

I only got it to work without any problems with PhoneGap 1.3!

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lucian1900 commented Apr 19, 2012 via email

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Thank you for sharing! Works like a charm.

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Thank you! Does exactly what I was looking for.

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Thanks in advance, i want to replace the page. Can you upload the code for replace?

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