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Meal Assist Setup
cd && test -d src/oref0 && cd src/oref0 && git pull && git checkout dev && git pull
npm install && sudo npm install -g && sudo npm link && sudo npm link oref0
openaps device add meal process --require "pumphistory profile clock" oref0 meal
openaps device remove get-profile
openaps device add get-profile process --require "settings bg_targets isf basal_profile max_iob carb_ratios" oref0 get-profile
openaps device remove determine-basal
openaps device add determine-basal process --require "iob temp_basal glucose profile offline meal" oref0 determine-basal
openaps report add monitor/meal.json text meal shell monitor/pumphistory-zoned.json settings/profile.json monitor/clock-zoned.json
openaps report remove settings/carb_ratios.json
openaps report add settings/carb_ratios.json JSON pump read_carb_ratios
openaps report remove settings/profile.json
openaps report add settings/profile.json text get-profile shell settings/settings.json settings/bg_targets.json settings/insulin_sensitivities.json settings/basal_profile.json max_iob.json settings/carb_ratios.json
openaps report remove enact/suggested.json
openaps report add enact/suggested.json text determine-basal shell monitor/iob.json monitor/temp_basal.json monitor/glucose.json settings/profile.json online monitor/meal.json
openaps alias add preflight '! bash -c "rm -f monitor/clock.json && echo -n \"PREFLIGHT \" && openaps report invoke monitor/clock.json 2>/dev/null >/dev/null && grep -q T monitor/clock.json && echo OK || ( mm-stick warmup || sudo oref0-reset-usb; echo FAIL; sleep 120; exit 1 )"'
openaps alias add monitor-pump "report invoke monitor/clock.json monitor/temp_basal.json monitor/pumphistory.json monitor/pumphistory-zoned.json monitor/clock-zoned.json monitor/iob.json monitor/meal.json"
openaps alias add gather '! bash -c "rm monitor/*; ( openaps get-bg | grep reporting && echo -n Re && openaps get-settings >/dev/null && echo -n fresh && openaps monitor-pump >/dev/null && echo ed: && ls -C monitor/ ) 2>/dev/null"'
openaps alias add upload '! bash -c "echo -n Upload && ( openaps report invoke enact/suggested.json 2>/dev/null; openaps pebble; openaps upload-pumphistory-entries; openaps upload-recent-treatments ) >/dev/null && echo ed"'
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