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This is a Swift 2.0 conversion of Erica Sadun's RandomGenerator from here:
A Swift 2.0-compatible version of Erica Sadun's take on shuffling a
`CollectionType` available here:
import Foundation
public struct RandomGenerator<C: CollectionType> : GeneratorType, SequenceType {
private var backingGenerator : PermutationGenerator<C, [C.Index]>
public init(_ elements : C) {
var indices = Array(elements.startIndex..<elements.endIndex)
for index in 0..<indices.count {
let swapIndex = index + Int(arc4random_uniform(UInt32(indices.count - index)))
if swapIndex != index {
swap(&indices[index], &indices[swapIndex])
backingGenerator = PermutationGenerator(elements: elements, indices: indices)
public typealias Element = C.Generator.Element
public typealias Generator = PermutationGenerator<C, [C.Index]>
public mutating func next() -> Element? {return}
public func generate() -> PermutationGenerator<C, [C.Index]> {return backingGenerator}
let a = "😤😣😨😭😱😷😸😽😾👣🙀👤😓"
let b = "Hello There"
let c = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]
let d = ["A":"B", "C":"D", "E":"F", "G":"H"]
let e = ["A":1, "B":2, "C":3, "D":4]
var f = Set(1...10)

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@dndydon dndydon commented Apr 13, 2016

What do we do for Swift 3.0 if we use PermutationGenerator?

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