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public class HealthCheckController : Controller
private readonly IHealthCheckService _healthCheckService;
public HealthCheckController(IHealthCheckService healthCheckService)
_healthCheckService = healthCheckService;
public async Task<IActionResult> Get()
// Can also call RunCheckAsync to run a single Heatlh Check or RunGroupAsync to run a group of Health Checks
CompositeHealthCheckResult healthCheckResult = await _healthCheckService.CheckHealthAsync();
bool somethingIsWrong = healthCheckResult.CheckStatus != CheckStatus.Healthy;
if (somethingIsWrong)
// healthCheckResult has a .Description property, but that shows the description of all health checks.
// Including the successful ones, so let's filter those out
var failedHealthCheckDescriptions = healthCheckResult.Results.Where(r => r.Value.CheckStatus != CheckStatus.Healthy)
.Select(r => r.Value.Description)
// return a 500 with JSON containing the Results of the Health Check
return new JsonResult(new {Errors = failedHealthCheckDescriptions}){ StatusCode = StatusCodes.Status500InternalServerError };
return Ok();
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