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Last active June 2, 2020 14:10
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PayPal API ID Prefix Formats

PayPal API ID Prefix Formats

PayPal uses various prefixes to distinguish different types of unique IDs in their APIs, but these are not currently documented in a single place. This Gist seeks to bring that information together into a single place. If there is something missing, please reach out through one of the channels on my GitHub profile since GitHub doesn't send notifications on Gist comments.


Example: "A-1234ABCD" would have a prefix of "A" and a length (counted after the prefix) of 8.

Prefix Length ID Type & Reference
B 17 Reference Transaction ID
This is also confusingly called "billing agreement" ID in some places, not to be confused with the entirely different type of billing agreement ID starting with "I-" below.
I 12 Billing Agreement ID in REST API
Recurring Payments Profile ID in classic APIs
P 24 Billing Plan ID
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