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@scottslowe scottslowe/ugly-json
Last active Aug 19, 2016

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This is raw JSON-serialized output from a REST API call
{"results": [{"type": "LogicalSwitchConfig", "_schema": "/ws.v1/schema/LogicalSw
itchConfig", "_href": "/ws.v1/lswitch/3ca2d5ef-6a0f-4392-9ec1-a6645234bc55"}, {"
type": "LogicalSwitchConfig", "_schema": "/ws.v1/schema/LogicalSwitchConfig", "_
href": "/ws.v1/lswitch/81f51868-2142-48a8-93ff-ef612249e025"}, {"type": "Logical
SwitchConfig", "_schema": "/ws.v1/schema/LogicalSwitchConfig", "_href": "/ws.v1/
lswitch/9fed3467-dd74-421b-ab30-7bc9bfae6248"}], "result_count": 3}
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