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Created March 30, 2017 07:57
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Python script to parse unstructured addresses
from requests import get
from pprint import pprint
from json import dump
from csv import QUOTE_ALL, DictWriter
def address_resolver(json):
final = {}
if json['results']:
data = json['results'][0]
for item in data['address_components']:
for category in item['types']:
data[category] = {}
data[category] = item['long_name']
final['street'] = data.get("route", None)
final['state'] = data.get("administrative_area_level_1", None)
final['city'] = data.get("locality", None)
final['county'] = data.get("administrative_area_level_2", None)
final['country'] = data.get("country", None)
final['postal_code'] = data.get("postal_code", None)
final['neighborhood'] = data.get("neighborhood",None)
final['sublocality'] = data.get("sublocality", None)
final['housenumber'] = data.get("housenumber", None)
final['postal_town'] = data.get("postal_town", None)
final['subpremise'] = data.get("subpremise", None)
final['latitude'] = data.get("geometry", {}).get("location", {}).get("lat", None)
final['longitude'] = data.get("geometry", {}).get("location", {}).get("lng", None)
final['location_type'] = data.get("geometry", {}).get("location_type", None)
final['postal_code_suffix'] = data.get("postal_code_suffix", None)
final['street_number'] = data.get('street_number', None)
return final
def get_address_details(address,):
url = ''
url = url + '&address='+ address.replace(" ","+")
response = get(url)
data = address_resolver(response.json())
data['address'] = address
return data
if __name__ == '__main__':
Provide the address via csv or paste it here
# address_to_search = list(DictReader("path/to/csv/file"))
address_to_search = ['71 Pilgrim Avenue Chevy Chase, MD 20815']
data = []
for i in address_to_search:
with open("data.csv",'w') as csvfile:
csvwriter = DictWriter(csvfile, fieldnames=data[0].keys(), quoting=QUOTE_ALL)
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Missing this between 32 and 33
url = url + API_KEY

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I am a newbie to Python, I copied the above code, and replaced with my own google Map API on it and also the file path, it seems still not work, could you please provide a sample csv file to have a try?

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