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Python Code to Scrape Customer Reviews from
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Written as part of
from lxml import html
import json
import requests
import json,re
from dateutil import parser as dateparser
from time import sleep
def ParseReviews(asin):
# Added Retrying
for i in range(5):
#This script has only been tested with
amazon_url = ''+asin
# Add some recent user agent to prevent amazon from blocking the request
# Find some chrome user agent strings here
headers = {'User-Agent': 'Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/42.0.2311.90 Safari/537.36'}
page = requests.get(amazon_url,headers = headers)
page_response = page.text
parser = html.fromstring(page_response)
XPATH_AGGREGATE = '//span[@id="acrCustomerReviewText"]'
XPATH_REVIEW_SECTION_1 = '//div[contains(@id,"reviews-summary")]'
XPATH_REVIEW_SECTION_2 = '//div[@data-hook="review"]'
XPATH_AGGREGATE_RATING = '//table[@id="histogramTable"]//tr'
XPATH_PRODUCT_NAME = '//h1//span[@id="productTitle"]//text()'
XPATH_PRODUCT_PRICE = '//span[@id="priceblock_ourprice"]/text()'
raw_product_price = parser.xpath(XPATH_PRODUCT_PRICE)
product_price = ''.join(raw_product_price).replace(',','')
raw_product_name = parser.xpath(XPATH_PRODUCT_NAME)
product_name = ''.join(raw_product_name).strip()
total_ratings = parser.xpath(XPATH_AGGREGATE_RATING)
reviews = parser.xpath(XPATH_REVIEW_SECTION_1)
if not reviews:
reviews = parser.xpath(XPATH_REVIEW_SECTION_2)
ratings_dict = {}
reviews_list = []
if not reviews:
raise ValueError('unable to find reviews in page')
#grabing the rating section in product page
for ratings in total_ratings:
extracted_rating = ratings.xpath('./td//a//text()')
if extracted_rating:
rating_key = extracted_rating[0]
raw_raing_value = extracted_rating[1]
rating_value = raw_raing_value
if rating_key:
#Parsing individual reviews
for review in reviews:
XPATH_RATING = './/i[@data-hook="review-star-rating"]//text()'
XPATH_REVIEW_HEADER = './/a[@data-hook="review-title"]//text()'
XPATH_REVIEW_POSTED_DATE = './/a[contains(@href,"/profile/")]/parent::span/following-sibling::span/text()'
XPATH_REVIEW_TEXT_1 = './/div[@data-hook="review-collapsed"]//text()'
XPATH_REVIEW_TEXT_2 = './/div//span[@data-action="columnbalancing-showfullreview"]/@data-columnbalancing-showfullreview'
XPATH_REVIEW_COMMENTS = './/span[@data-hook="review-comment"]//text()'
XPATH_AUTHOR = './/a[contains(@href,"/profile/")]/parent::span//text()'
XPATH_REVIEW_TEXT_3 = './/div[contains(@id,"dpReviews")]/div/text()'
raw_review_author = review.xpath(XPATH_AUTHOR)
raw_review_rating = review.xpath(XPATH_RATING)
raw_review_header = review.xpath(XPATH_REVIEW_HEADER)
raw_review_posted_date = review.xpath(XPATH_REVIEW_POSTED_DATE)
raw_review_text1 = review.xpath(XPATH_REVIEW_TEXT_1)
raw_review_text2 = review.xpath(XPATH_REVIEW_TEXT_2)
raw_review_text3 = review.xpath(XPATH_REVIEW_TEXT_3)
author = ' '.join(' '.join(raw_review_author).split()).strip('By')
#cleaning data
review_rating = ''.join(raw_review_rating).replace('out of 5 stars','')
review_header = ' '.join(' '.join(raw_review_header).split())
review_posted_date = dateparser.parse(''.join(raw_review_posted_date)).strftime('%d %b %Y')
review_text = ' '.join(' '.join(raw_review_text1).split())
#grabbing hidden comments if present
if raw_review_text2:
json_loaded_review_data = json.loads(raw_review_text2[0])
json_loaded_review_data_text = json_loaded_review_data['rest']
cleaned_json_loaded_review_data_text = re.sub('<.*?>','',json_loaded_review_data_text)
full_review_text = review_text+cleaned_json_loaded_review_data_text
full_review_text = review_text
if not raw_review_text1:
full_review_text = ' '.join(' '.join(raw_review_text3).split())
raw_review_comments = review.xpath(XPATH_REVIEW_COMMENTS)
review_comments = ''.join(raw_review_comments)
review_comments = re.sub('[A-Za-z]','',review_comments).strip()
review_dict = {
data = {
return data
except ValueError:
print "Retrying to get the correct response"
return {"error":"failed to process the page","asin":asin}
def ReadAsin():
#Add your own ASINs here
AsinList = ['B01ETPUQ6E','B017HW9DEW']
extracted_data = []
for asin in AsinList:
print "Downloading and processing page"+asin
if __name__ == '__main__':

rohanpai commented Jan 2, 2017

This script does not seem to work anymore. Any ideas why?


scrapehero commented Feb 21, 2017

@rohanpai Just updated the code. At times you need a good proxy for this to work when you have more than 10 products, OR increase the delay.

Just returns the first "page" of reviews for me?

This scraper works but also only returns the first page of reviews. How do i get it to loop over all pages and return all reviews?
Thank you

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