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Created February 8, 2017 09:27
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pwdf - prints the path to the frontmost Finder window
on run arguments
tell application "Finder"
-- no argument: get frontmost window or desktop
if (count of arguments) is 0 then
if (count of windows) is 0 then
set dir to (desktop as alias)
set dir to ((target of Finder window 1) as alias)
end if
if first item of arguments is in {"all", "-a", "-all", "--all"} then
-- list all Finder windows
copy target of every Finder window to theList
repeat with w in theList
log POSIX path of (w as alias)
end repeat
end if
-- see if there is a window matching the name
set t to arguments as text
set wins to every Finder window where name contains t
if (count of wins) > 0 then
set dir to ((target of item 1 of wins) as alias)
end if
end if
return POSIX path of dir
end tell
end run
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