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Save Safari Tabs to Notes
property defaultAccountName : "iCloud"
property defaultFolderName : "Saved Safari Windows"
global html
global processedURLs
on appendLineWithDoc(theDoc)
tell application "Safari"
tell theDoc
my appendHTML(" <li>")
my appendHTML("<a href=\"" & URL & "\">")
my appendHTML(name)
my appendHTML("</a></li>" & return)
set processedURLs to processedURLs & (URL as string)
end try
end tell
end tell
end appendLineWithDoc
on appendHTML(htmlString)
set html to html & htmlString
end appendHTML
on defaultFolder()
tell application "Notes"
if not (exists account defaultAccountName) then
display dialog "Cound not find account '" & defaultAccountName & "'!"
tell me to quit
end if
if exists folder defaultFolderName of account defaultAccountName then
return folder defaultFolderName of account defaultAccountName
end if
make new folder at account defaultAccountName with properties {name:defaultFolderName}
end tell
end defaultFolder
on run
set datestamp to "Saved on " & (short date string) of (current date) & " at " & (time string) of (current date) & return
set html to "<h1>" & datestamp & "</h1>" & return
my appendHTML("<ul>" & return)
set processedURLs to {}
tell application "Safari"
set w to window 1
set n to 0
try -- this will fail for the downloads window
set n to count tabs of w
end try
if n > 1 then
repeat with t in every tab of w
my appendLineWithDoc(t)
end repeat
else if n = 1 then
my appendLineWithDoc(document of w)
end if
end tell
my appendHTML("</ul>" & return)
if (count of processedURLs) > 0 then
set f to my defaultFolder()
tell application "Notes"
make new note at f with properties {body:html, name:datestamp}
end tell
end if
end run
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