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Script that builds, packages and notarizes an Xcode command line tool.
# 2019 - Armin Briegel - Scripting OS X
# place a copy of this script in in the project folder
# when run it will build for installation,
# create a pkg from the product,
# upload the pkg for notarization and monitor the notarization status
# before you can run this script:
# - set release signing of the tool to 'Developer ID Application'
# - enable the hardened run-time
# - change the 'Installation Build Products Location' to `$SRCROOT/build/pkgroot`
# you want to add the `build` subdirectory to gitignore
# put your dev account information into these variables
# the email address of your developer account
# the name of your Developer ID installer certificate
signature="Developer ID Installer: First Last (ABCD123456)"
# the 10-digit team id
# the label of the keychain item which contains an app-specific password
# put your project's information into these variables
# code starts here
projectdir=$(dirname $0)
# functions
requeststatus() { # $1: requestUUID
requestUUID=${1?:"need a request UUID"}
req_status=$(xcrun altool --notarization-info "$requestUUID" \
--username "$dev_account" \
--password "@keychain:$dev_keychain_label" 2>&1 \
| awk -F ': ' '/Status:/ { print $2; }' )
echo "$req_status"
notarizefile() { # $1: path to file to notarize, $2: identifier
filepath=${1:?"need a filepath"}
identifier=${2:?"need an identifier"}
# upload file
echo "## uploading $filepath for notarization"
requestUUID=$(xcrun altool --notarize-app \
--primary-bundle-id "$identifier" \
--username "$dev_account" \
--password "@keychain:$dev_keychain_label" \
--asc-provider "$dev_team" \
--file "$filepath" 2>&1 \
| awk '/RequestUUID/ { print $NF; }')
echo "Notarization RequestUUID: $requestUUID"
if [[ $requestUUID == "" ]]; then
echo "could not upload for notarization"
exit 1
# wait for status to be not "in progress" any more
request_status="in progress"
while [[ "$request_status" == "in progress" ]]; do
echo -n "waiting... "
sleep 10
request_status=$(requeststatus "$requestUUID")
echo "$request_status"
# print status information
xcrun altool --notarization-info "$requestUUID" \
--username "$dev_account" \
--password "@keychain:$dev_keychain_label"
if [[ $request_status != "success" ]]; then
echo "## could not notarize $filepath"
exit 1
# build clean install
echo "## building with Xcode"
xcodebuild clean install -quiet
# check if pkgroot exists where we expect it
if [[ ! -d $pkgroot ]]; then
echo "couldn't find pkgroot $pkgroot"
exit 1
## build the pkg
echo "## building pkg: $pkgpath"
pkgbuild --root "$pkgroot" \
--version "$version" \
--identifier "$identifier" \
--sign "$signature" \
# upload for notarization
notarizefile "$pkgpath" "$identifier"
# staple result
echo "## Stapling $pkgpath"
xcrun stapler staple "$pkgpath"
echo '## Done!'
# show the pkg in Finder
open -R "$pkgpath"
exit 0
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