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#function to substitute vowels with Maori macrons into text strings in R
#there's probably a fancier way to do this, but it works OK.
#just precede vowels requiring a macron with '@' and the function will substitute the appropriate vowel with macron.
#Handy for graph labelling etc.
x<-gsub("@a","\u0101", x) #macron a
x<-gsub("@e","\u0113", x) #macron e
x<-gsub("@i","\u012B", x) #macron i
x<-gsub("@o","\u014D", x) #macron o
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#I got these free png silhouettes of red fox and rabbit from
fox_logo <- readPNG(getURLContent(foxurl))
rab_logo <- readPNG(getURLContent(raburl))
#utility function for embedding png images at specified fractional sizes in R plots
#places the logo centred on a specified fraction of the the usr space,