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A solution to the lack of UI for Dash's user docsets in Zeal. Uses Python 3 and easygui (pip3 install easygui)
import os
import json
import tarfile
import urllib.request
import easygui
import configparser
user_docsets_url = ''
app_title = 'Download Zeal user docsets'
def get_user_docsets(url):
response = urllib.request.urlopen(url)
data =
text = data.decode('utf-8')
docsets = json.loads(text)
return docsets
def choose_docset(user_docsets):
msg = "Choose which user docset to download."
choice = easygui.multchoicebox(
msg, app_title, [d['name'] for d in user_docsets])
return choice
def get_zeal_docsets_dir():
config = configparser.ConfigParser()[os.path.expanduser('~/.config/Zeal/Zeal.conf')])
return config['docsets']['path']
def download_docset(url, directory):
with urllib.request.urlopen(url) as response:
with, mode='r:gz') as tar:
def search_url(choice, user_docsets):
return [d['archive'] for d in user_docsets if d['name'] in choice][0]
def confirm_docset_download(choice, docset_url, docsets_dir):
return easygui.ccbox('The {0} docset will be downloaded from {1} and extracted into {2}.\n\nPlease wait.'.format(choice, docset_url, docsets_dir), app_title)
def docset_successfully_downloaded(choice):
'{0} docset successfully downloaded.'.format(choice), app_title)
def download_more_docsets():
return easygui.ynbox('Do you want to download another docset?', app_title, ('Yes', 'No'))
def exit_message():
'Bye bye.\n\nPlease remember to restart Zeal to refresh the docsets.', app_title, 'Quit')
def show_exception(e):
easygui.exceptionbox('Error: {0}'.format(e), app_title)
if __name__ == '__main__':
user_docsets = get_user_docsets(user_docsets_url)
while True:
choice = choose_docset(user_docsets)
if not choice:
docset_url = search_url(choice, user_docsets)
docsets_dir = get_zeal_docsets_dir()
if confirm_docset_download(choice, docset_url, docsets_dir):
download_docset(docset_url, docsets_dir)
if not download_more_docsets():
except Exception as e:
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