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Stewart Russell scruss

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Corteil /
Last active October 4, 2022 19:53
Modified file for KMK firmware
KMK keyboard for Pimoroni Keybow.
WARNING: This doesn't currently function correctly on the Raspberry Pi Zero,
some of the keys are stuck in the 'pressed' position. There's either a bug in
the keypad implementation on the rpi0, or the pin numbers don't match the pins
in linux.
This is a 4x3 macro pad designed to fit the rpi's GPIO connector. Each key is
attached to a single GPIO and has an APA102 LED mounted underneath it.
tef /
Last active September 23, 2022 21:04
foone / chirp font urls.txt
Last active October 1, 2022 06:42
Filter for the new twitter font
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# If you, like me, have all of your various source-code-like projects in ~/src/
# this is how to give yourself per-project shell history.
# I wish I'd done this years ago.
# First, in your .bashrc file, you redefine the cd, pushd and popd builtins to be "do the builtin bit,
# then do one other thing (, below) like so:
cd () {
nevillepark / cbc-mp3.m3u
Last active March 30, 2023 20:51
CBC radio stream URLs
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#PLAYLIST:CBC Radio Streams
#EXTINF:-1,CBC Music (Atlantic)
#EXTINF:-1,CBC Music (Central)
BriSeven / get on my lawn .md
Last active October 28, 2022 02:58
Get On My Lawn Software
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Get ON my lawn is a software philosophy that believes good software grows better with time.

Get on my lawm shuns trends and salesmen disguised as programmers.

Get on my lawn shuns the fancy new framework.

dogtopus / Pipfile
Last active December 23, 2022 14:41 — forked from stecman/
Brother P-Touch PT-P300BT bluetooth driver python
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url = ""
verify_ssl = true
name = "pypi"
pybluez = "*"
pillow = "*"
packbits = "*"
gnomon- /
Created August 1, 2018 03:55
Grab the Seth Rogen TTC etiquette announcement WAVs and convert them to appropriately tagged and named FLAC files
# blame gnomon
# prereqs: curl, awk, flac, metaflac, strings, grep
declare src=''
declare alt=''
declare -i i=0 j=1
rhydomako / 2017_04_18_sidewalk_inventory.ipynb
Last active July 22, 2017 00:23
Exploring the City of Toronto Sidewalk inventory using Python
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ednisley / Cylindrical Cell Adapters.scad
Created April 15, 2017 23:55
OpenSCAD source code: Cylindrical cell adapters
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// Cylindrical cell adapters
// Ed Nisley KE4ZNU April 2017
//- Extrusion parameters must match reality!
ThreadThick = 0.25;
ThreadWidth = 0.40;
HoleWindage = 0.2;