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autocontract section
// Auto contracts allow the plug-in to place contracts randomly onto players when they log in.
"autoContractor": {
// This allows you to disable the feature entirely.
// You can also just remove this entire section from the configuration.
"enabled": true,
// The maximum number of auto contracts allowed to be listed at once.
// When the total number of auto contracts is reached, no new contracts
// will be added until they expire or are completed.
"maximumContracts": 5,
// This is the list of contracts you wish to have people checked against upon login.
// The order here does not matter. When the contracts are checked, they are sorted by chance.
// Lowest chance gets checked first.
// The search stops on the first contract that falls within the players chance calculated upon login.
// It's suggested to not have contracts with the same chance as there is no guarantee which one would be used first.
"contracts": [
// This defines a 10% chance of a contract being placed on them for $1000.
// The percent chance of someone having a contract placed on them when logging in.
// Examples:
// 0 - No chance. Turns off this contract. Negative numbers will be treated as 0.
// 50 - 50% chance of them being listed
// 100 - 100% meaning every time they log in they'll get listed.
// Give this auto-contract a 10 percent chance to be placed on a player.
"chance": 50,
// The payment the assassin will receive when killing a contracted player.
// A cash payment should look like this the following: "AMOUNT". Must be a string.
// AMOUNT = The cash amount you want as the payment.
// For example:
// "payment": "1000"
// An item payment should look like this the following "COUNT:ID". Must be a string.
// COUNT = The number of the item you want as the payment.
// ID = The ID of the Minecraft Material you want as the payment.
// For example:
// "payment": "1:56"
// Give the assassin 1000 dollars for completing the contract.
"payment": "500",
// The name to use for this contract.
// This is just for visual, does not need to be a real player name. Cannot be blank.
"name": "AutoContract",
// The reason attached to the auto contract. Can be empty.
"reason": "Random Bad Luck"
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