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move admincenter vm from hyperv to proxmox qemu

Migration Steps


I Use windows admin center - it is a sever 2019 no gui install. I am uising these generic instructions to import so won't document in detail.

Learning from the disaster moving my DCs where i went the hardway (backup and restore - which did work) this time i will use the right versions of the disk import command qm disk import [...]

Driver install

I had real issues with driver install - while i ran the installer and everything seemed to install it didn't I think this is because this was server core 2019 with no gui as such i had to install each driver i wanted like this:


I did this for all the following drivers:

  • NetKVM for virtio networking
  • vstor for virtio block device etc)
  • Balloon for memory
  • ran the guest tools msi (the one in the subdir of the dvd) with msiexec -i

I never got all installed

Enable IPv6 on all adapters

this machine isn't a server so i am fine having it get its ip with dhcp and register with DNS since i built it i have got an IPv6 network this is how to enable it on all adapters Enable-NetAdapterBinding -Name "*" -ComponentID ms_tcpip6

Installing features on demand (learn from me, make this the first step before you export the VHD...)

om my 2022 server core i think i could install all the virtio drivers because the app compat FOD was installed i tried installing it onserver 2019 core but this dind't install correctly. After i had done all the above i figured out this command and installed the packk and rebooted.

Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name ServerCore.AppCompatibility~~~~

Then i reinstalled the virtio toosl by doing a repair.

Unclear this made a difference, however the machine is running and thus:

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