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Last time we wrote about HTML to PDF conversion tools and this time we came up with another list comprising of best Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers.

##Web Developer Checklist

web developer checklist

This tool has been made by and it provides you a variety of characteristics of a webpage. This is necessary while testing a website. Starting with the Best Practices domain, it covers check points like broken link check, www subdomain check and spell and grammer check. It shows the page rank by Google Page Speed checking tool and lists it under Performance domain. It checks for code quality and syntax which tells you about the experience of the developer who made the website. It checks for other characteristics which determine the Alexa Rank too, namely SEO, UpTime, Monitoring, Mobile Browsing Capabilities, Custom 404 page, Friendly URLs and Social Media Buttons. Using this tool, you can precisely determine the accessbility and popularity of the page.

Responsive Web Design Tester

responsive web design tester

This is a life saving tool for the senior web developers or program managers to instantly test output in variety of screen sizes. It does not rate a page or determine scores but just shows how they look like on different screens.

BuiltWith Technology Profiler

builtwith technology profiler

Ever wondered what technologies are used to make the site you are visiting? Many times, you may want to know about these in order to make a similar functionality or just for the sake of knowledge. This extension will tell you all about what a developer cooked before making the site.

What Font

what font

This tool tells you about the fonts used in a website. It is not the font but the combination of them which improves the aesthetics of the website. It is a great learning tool for all frontend devs and typography enthusiasts.

ruul. Screen ruler

ruul.screen ruler

It is an awesome on-screen ruler which helps you measure length across elements on the page. It can tell the distances in pixels. This specially helps in making responsive websites directly on the browser.

Web Developer

web developer

This tool will help you learn more about Javascript running on the website. You can instantly disable popups, disable Javascript or play with CSS. You can do all sort of experiments with images. There are options to play with forms, cookies, outlines and few other parameters. It is a great pack but certainly is an overkiller and you might not need all at once and hence proceed wisely.

Image Cropper

image cropper

Image cropper is tool which helps you to take screenshots or page clips instantly. It is made using JavaScript and hence, does not require any extra dependencies. I think this tool is great for nerds too.

I do not think of any other tool which covers such wide range of functionalites. Of course, there are some tools like Angular Console and LocalStorage Manager but they very specific and might not at all be useful for Python developer or PHP developer. Install, play, experiment and most importantly try to improve the functionalities by forking the source code. Thank you Google for making Chrome!

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