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Last active Nov 20, 2017
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Since there seems to be some interest abbout the possibility to run WebFlux + SQL applications, I think there is maybe a room for a community driven project to experiment around this topic. Some guidelines or ideas I can share on that topic:

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schauder commented Oct 3, 2017

I thought a little about the Scheduler. I think it might be better to support two schedulers: one as described which is used for executing queries and a second one (which might be the default scheduler of the application if something like this exists) to publish the results.

The idea would be that the DB interaction happens on a Scheduler that is essentially based on the connection pool, but you subscribe to the results on a Scheduler that is based on the capacity of your machine, probably the number of CPUs.

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sdeleuze commented Oct 3, 2017

Yeah good points, I update the doc!

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