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Created October 23, 2016 20:05
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Docker jenkins pipeline example
node('docker') {
stage 'start database'
docker.image('redis:3.0.7-alpine').withRun { c ->
def ip = hostIp(c)
stage 'client set'
docker.image('redis:3.0.7-alpine').inside {
sh "redis-cli -h ${ip} set test 123"
stage 'client get'
docker.image('redis:3.0.7-alpine').inside {
sh "redis-cli -h ${ip} get test"
stage 'client del'
docker.image('redis:3.0.7-alpine').inside {
sh "redis-cli -h ${ip} del test"
def hostIp(container) {
sh "docker inspect -f {{.NetworkSettings.IPAddress}} ${} > host.ip"
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