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sdwru /
Created Aug 26, 2020 — forked from rnwolf/
Tutorial shows how to make backups to Google Cloud Storage.

Google Cloud Storage backup tutorial


This tutorial shows how to make backups to Google Cloud Storage. The backups are:

  • automatic
  • stored off site
  • incremental
sdwru /
Last active Jul 11, 2020
Laravel-websockets on Laravel API backend + Laravel Echo on Vue.js front end on different server/domain using private

These are my notes on how I got all the basics working end to end.

Laravel API backend and Vue.js frontend are 2 different servers on different public IP addresses and different domains. I am using pure Vue.js on the front end. Most instructions assume Laravel Vue.js is being used which is structured slightly different with different file names and directories.

  • Laravel API backend domain name (
  • Vue.js frontend domain name (

No database is needed for any of this to work using sync queue. That is only needed in production if/when you use a database queue.

View FusionPBX non-free billing module

Pretending to be the non-free billing app

FusionPBX doesn't do billing or LCR out of the box, but one guy will sell you closed, proprietary, non-free billing and LCR modules that will integrate nicely into FusionPBX. To help with this, there are a number of places in the free FusionPBX codebase that run things that these non-free apps need. Obviously these are all completely undocumented, until now.

These work by checking for an app named "billing". Specifically, they look for the app_config.php file in the billing folder. The conditional usually looks like this: