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Created August 13, 2019 07:18
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Example of python meta programming by modifying the token sequence output by the inbuilt tokenizer and codecs used for python parsing.
## --- Save this file as ---- ##
# inspired by pyxl and
# >> import pymeta
# >> print(codecs.decode("1\n2", encoding='pymeta'))
# 1
# import time; print(time.time());
# 2
## ---------------------- ##
from six import StringIO
import codecs, tokenize, encodings
from tokenize import TokenInfo
UTF8 = encodings.search_function('utf8')
LOGFILE = open('tmp.log','wb',0)
sio = StringIO("import time; print(time.time());")
toinject = list(tokenize.tokenize(lambda : sio.readline().encode('utf8')))[1:-2]
def inject(a):
for e in a:
cr = e.end[0]
yield TokenInfo(e[0], e[1], (cr,e[2][1]+coff), (cr,e[3][1]+coff), e[4])
if e.type == tokenize.NEWLINE and e.string != '':
cr += 1
coff = 0
for ee in toinject:
coff += ee.end[1]
yield TokenInfo(ee[0], ee[1], (cr,ee[2][1]), (cr,ee[3][1]), ee[4])
def transform(stream):
a = tokenize.tokenize(lambda:(stream.readline()).encode('utf8'))
a = list(inject(a))
LOGFILE.write('\n'.join([str(e) for e in a]).encode('utf8')+b'\n')
return tokenize.untokenize(iter(a))
def decode(input, errors='strict'):
if isinstance(input, memoryview):
input = input.tobytes().decode("utf-8")
return UTF8.decode(transform(StringIO(input)), errors)
class IncrementalDecoder(encodings.utf_8.IncrementalDecoder):
def decode(self, input, final=False):
self.buffer += input
if final:
buff = self.buffer
self.buffer = ''
return super(IncrementalDecoder, self).decode(
transform(StringIO(buff)), final=True)
class StreamReader(encodings.utf_8.StreamReader):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
codecs.StreamReader.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs) = StringIO(transform(
D = {'pymeta': codecs.CodecInfo(
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