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Excel VB for accessing as a web service (early 2011)
Option Explicit
Function GetBrighterPlanetApiKey()
GetBrighterPlanetApiKey = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Setup").Range("C2").Value
End Function
Function IsEmissionEstimateServiceOnline()
If LCase(ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Setup").Range("C3").Value) = "online" And ThisWorkbook.HasFinishedWorkbookOpen() = True Then
IsEmissionEstimateServiceOnline = True
IsEmissionEstimateServiceOnline = False
End If
End Function
Function GetEmissionEstimateUrl(sEmitterCommonPlural) As String
GetEmissionEstimateUrl = LCase("" & sEmitterCommonPlural & ".txt")
End Function
Function GetEmissionEstimatePostText(sSheet, iRow, iColumn, iWidth) As String
Dim rAnchor As Range
Dim rValues As Range
Dim rKeys As Range
Dim i As Integer
Dim sKey As String
Dim sValue As String
Dim wAnchorSheet As Worksheet
GetEmissionEstimatePostText = "key=" & GetBrighterPlanetApiKey & "&"
Set wAnchorSheet = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(sSheet)
Set rAnchor = wAnchorSheet.Cells(iRow, iColumn)
Set rValues = wAnchorSheet.Range(rAnchor, rAnchor.Offset(0, iWidth - 1))
Set rKeys = wAnchorSheet.Range(wAnchorSheet.Cells(1, iColumn), wAnchorSheet.Cells(1, iColumn + iWidth - 1)).Cells
For i = 1 To rKeys.Count
sKey = rKeys.Cells(1, i).Value
sValue = rValues.Cells(1, i).Value
If Not IsEmpty(sValue) Then
GetEmissionEstimatePostText = GetEmissionEstimatePostText & "&" & sKey & "=" & sValue
End If
Next i
End Function
Function GetEmissionEstimate(sEmitterCommonPlural As String, rCharacteristics As Range)
If Not IsEmissionEstimateServiceOnline() Then
GetEmissionEstimate = "Retry when online"
Exit Function
End If
Dim sUrl As String
Dim sPostText As String
Dim qTable As QueryTable
sUrl = GetEmissionEstimateUrl(sEmitterCommonPlural)
sPostText = GetEmissionEstimatePostText(rCharacteristics.Worksheet.Name, rCharacteristics.Row, rCharacteristics.Column, rCharacteristics.Count)
Set qTable = rCharacteristics.Worksheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:="URL;" & sUrl, Destination:=rCharacteristics.Offset(0, -2))
qTable.PostText = sPostText
qTable.RefreshStyle = xlOverwriteCells
qTable.SaveData = True
On Error GoTo Rescue
qTable.Refresh (False)
GetEmissionEstimate = Now
Exit Function
If Err.Number = 1004 Then
GetEmissionEstimate = "Retry or check formula"
MsgBox "Error " & Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description
End If
End Function
Function CountQueryTables()
Dim wSheet As Worksheet
CountQueryTables = 0
For Each wSheet In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
CountQueryTables = CountQueryTables + wSheet.QueryTables.Count
Next wSheet
End Function
Function CountExternalDataNames()
Dim nName As Name
CountExternalDataNames = 0
For Each nName In ActiveWorkbook.Names
If InStr(1, nName.Name, "ExternalData") Then
CountExternalDataNames = CountExternalDataNames + 1
End If
Next nName
End Function
Function DeleteAllExternalDataNames()
Dim nName As Name
For Each nName In ActiveWorkbook.Names
Next nName
End Function
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