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Forked from johnjelinek/bad.clj
Last active Mar 20, 2020
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Example of builder with map as input
(ns builderjava.bad
(:require [ :as builder])
(:import ( IntegrationOptions
(defn build []
(builder/to-java IntegrationOptions {:requestParamaters {"a" "b"}}))
;; => #object[$Jsii$Proxy 0x14b789f6 "$Jsii$Proxy@b43"]
{:deps { {:mvn/version "1.30.0"}
org.clojure/ {:mvn/version "1.0.64"}}}
(ns builderjava.good
(defn build []
(-> (IntegrationOptions/builder)
(.requestParameters {"a" "b"})
;; => #object[$Jsii$Proxy 0x4ffbb14b "$Jsii$Proxy@b43"]
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