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Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
"_N_alloc", referenced from:
___eqc_c_address_of_N_alloc in __eqc_tmp1391428562644481_wrapper-09UJnj.o
___eqc_c_wrapper_N_alloc in __eqc_tmp1391428562644481_wrapper-09UJnj.o
(maybe you meant: ___eqc_c_address_of_N_alloc, ___eqc_c_wrapper_N_alloc )
"_delete_one_or_all", referenced from:
___eqc_c_address_of_delete_one_or_all in __eqc_tmp1391428562644481_wrapper-09UJnj.o
___eqc_c_wrapper_delete_one_or_all in __eqc_tmp1391428562644481_wrapper-09UJnj.o
(maybe you meant: ___eqc_c_wrapper_delete_one_or_all, ___eqc_c_address_of_delete_one_or_all )
"_get_first_eq_node", referenced from:
seancribbs / legacy.txt
Last active August 29, 2015 13:56
Places we refer to 'legacy' in riak_core
$ ack legacy src
75: join(riak_core_gossip:legacy_gossip(), node(), Node, false, Auto).
78: legacy_join(Node);
85: %% doesn't define legacy_gossip will be handled
86: %% in standard_join based on seeing a legacy ring.
93: case riak_core_ring:legacy_ring(Ring) of
108: case riak_core_ring:legacy_ring(Ring) of
110: legacy_join(Node);
153:legacy_join(Node) when is_atom(Node) ->
seancribbs /
Last active August 29, 2015 13:56
An RSVP-list demo on top of Riak 2.0 Datatypes

An RSVP-list demo on top of Riak 2.0 Datatypes

This is a purely in-browser demo of Riak 2.0's sets datatype. The application code uses React.js and jquery.

To get started, make a 5-node devrel cluster of the 2.0 preview using these instructions. After your cluster is built, make a bucket-type for sets:

cd dev/dev1
bin/riak-admin bucket-type create sets '{"props":{"datatype":"set","allow_mult":true}}'
bin/riak-admin bucket-type activate sets
-define(maybe(Bool, Exprs),
if (Bool) -> (Exprs), ok;
true -> ok
src/riak.erl:183: {error, notfound} ->
src/riak_client.erl:71:%% {error, notfound} |
src/riak_client.erl:105: notfound ->
src/riak_client.erl:106: {error, notfound};
src/riak_client.erl:114:%% {error, notfound} |
src/riak_client.erl:134:%% {error, notfound} |
src/riak_client.erl:148:%% {error, notfound} |
src/riak_client.erl:246:%% {error, notfound} |
src/riak_client.erl:312:%% {error, notfound} |
src/riak_client.erl:323:%% {error, notfound} |
isotime({{Y,Mo,D},{H,Mi,S}}) ->
ISO = io_lib:format("~w-~.2.0w-~.2.0wT~.2.0w:~.2.0w:~6.3.0fZ",
[Y, Mo, D, H, Mi, S]),
Last 10 lines of the build log ( /Users/sean/.cabal/logs/protocol-buffers-2.0.14.log ):
Text/ProtocolBuffers/WireMessage.hs:407:24: Not in scope: ‘typeOf’
Text/ProtocolBuffers/WireMessage.hs:433:77: Not in scope: ‘typeOf’
Text/ProtocolBuffers/WireMessage.hs:436:75: Not in scope: ‘typeOf’
Text/ProtocolBuffers/WireMessage.hs:440:74: Not in scope: ‘typeOf’
%% @doc Reports on percentage of modules, functions and types that are
%% documented.
-export([file/1, file/2, files/1, files/2, aggregate/1, report/1, report_files/1, report_files/2]).
-import(xmerl_xpath, [string/2]).
-define(QUERY_FUNS, [ fun module_has_description/2
, fun functions_have_descriptions/2
, fun types_have_descriptions/2
# Erlang switching
export PATH="$HOME/erlang/current/bin:$PATH"
# Detects the current erlang version
erlcur() {
DIR=`ls -lr $HOME/erlang | awk '/current/ { print $NF }'`
echo -n ${DIR##*/}
# Switches to the given erlang version using wildcards
;; erlang-mode and customizations
(add-to-list 'load-path "/Users/sean/erlang/R16B02/lib/erlang/lib/tools-2.6.12/emacs")
(add-to-list 'exec-path "/Users/sean/erlang/R16B02/bin")
(setq erlang-root-dir "/Users/sean/erlang/R16B02/lib/erlang")
(require 'erlang-start)
(require 'erlang-flymake)
(setq erlang-flymake-command "/Users/sean/erlang/R16B02/bin/erlc")