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Sean Kelley seangtkelley

Microsoft Musical
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seangtkelley / pi_dec_1m_digits_dist.ipynb
Last active Nov 24, 2019
Distribution of One Million Digits of Pi
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female_mask = np.array(, "female_mask.jpg")))
male_mask = np.array(, "male_mask.jpg")))
female_wordcloud = WordCloud(background_color="white", max_words=1000, mask=female_mask, margin=10,random_state=1).generate(female_text)
male_wordcloud = WordCloud(background_color="white", max_words=1000, mask=male_mask, margin=10,random_state=1).generate(male_text)
f, (ax1, ax2) = plt.subplots(1, 2, sharex=True)
f.set_size_inches(18, 20.0)
ax1.imshow(male_wordcloud, interpolation="bilinear")
ax1.set_title('Male Wordcloud', fontsize=36)
cachedStopWords = stopwords.words("english")
punct = set(string.punctuation)
female_text = ' '.join(female_titles)
male_text = ' '.join(male_titles)
female_text = ''.join(ch for ch in female_text if ch not in punct)
male_text = ''.join(ch for ch in male_text if ch not in punct)
female_text = ' '.join([word for word in female_text.split() if word not in cachedStopWords])
census_surnames = pd.read_csv('app_c.csv')
census_firstnames = pd.read_csv('census-derived-all-first.csv')
firsts_lower = [str(name).lower() for name in list(]
lasts_lower = [str(name).lower() for name in list(]
d = gender.Detector()
male_titles = []
female_titles = []
plurl = ""
playlist = pafy.get_playlist2(plurl)
import pafy
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
from PIL import Image
import os
import gender_guesser.detector as gender
from wordcloud import WordCloud
from nltk.corpus import stopwords
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from tqdm import tqdm
seangtkelley /
Last active Oct 3, 2019 — forked from aelkz/[FEDORA] gitkraken
Install Script for Gitkraken on Fedora 27 + Launcher Icon
# Enter /opt folder (common folder for user installed programs)
# This script assumes you have proper permissions on /opt
cd /opt
# Download GitKraken
# Extract the Kraken into /opt directory