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public static class RouteCollectionExtensions
public static void MapRoute<T>(
this RouteCollection routes,
string name,
string url,
Func<T, string> nameOfDefaultAction) where T : Controller
string controller = typeof(T).RemoveControllerSuffix();
string action = nameOfDefaultAction(default);
routes.MapRoute(name, url, new
* "Controller".Length
private const int CONTROLLER_SUFFIX_LENGTH = 10;
public static string RemoveControllerSuffix(this Type controllerType)
Guard.Against.Null(controllerType, nameof(controllerType));
if (!typeof(Controller).IsAssignableFrom(controllerType))
throw new ArgumentException($"Type [{controllerType.Name}] is not assignable from [{nameof(Controller)}]");
return controllerType
.Substring(0, controllerType.Name.Length - CONTROLLER_SUFFIX_LENGTH);
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