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Created February 5, 2022 01:59
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An example of how you can have both squirrel-crafted queries & hand-crafted queries in the same codebase
type result struct {
ID string `db:"id"`
Name string `db:"name"`
Title sql.NullString `db:"title"`
func queryWithSqurrel(ctx context.Context, id string) (*Result, error) {
q := sq.Select(",,t.title").
From("the_table t").
Column("b.other as phone").
LeftJoin("big_table as b on").
OrderBy("ord_col desc").
Where("t.filter_id = ?", id )
var r *result
err := db.Get(ctx, r, q)
return r, err
type qs struct {
argID string
query string
// ToSql ...
func (qs ) ToSql() (string, []interface{}, error ) {
return qs.query, []interface{}{ qs.argID }, nil
func queryWithHandCrafted(ctx context.Context, id string) (*Result, error){
q := qs{
argID: id,
query: `select,, t.title, b.other as phone
from the_table t
left join big_table as b on
where t.filter_id = ?
order by ord_col desc`,
var r *result
err := db.Get(ctx, r, q)
return r, err
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