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Resign an ipa and change the build number
CERTIFICATE="iPhone Distribution"
cp "${APPNAME}.ipa" "${APPNAME}.zip"
mkdir contents || true
unzip "${APPNAME}.zip" -d contents
codesign -d --entitlements :Entitlements.plist "contents/Payload/${APPNAME}.app"
plutil -replace CFBundleVersion -string "${BUILDNUMBER}" "contents/Payload/${APPNAME}.app/Info.plist"
rm -r "contents/Payload/${APPNAME}.app/_CodeSignature"
xattr -cr "contents/Payload/${APPNAME}.app"
codesign -s "$CERTIFICATE" -f --entitlements Entitlements.plist "contents/Payload/${APPNAME}.app"
cd contents
zip -qr "../${APPNAME}_Resigned.ipa" *
cd ..
rm -r contents
rm Entitlements.plist
rm "${APPNAME}.zip"
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