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Calling Rust from Python/PyPy using CFFI (C Foreign Function Interface)

This is a small demo of how to create a library in Rust and call it from Python (both CPython and PyPy) using the CFFI instead of ctypes.

Based on (dead) which used ctypes

CFFI is nice because:

  • Reads C declarations (parses headers)
  • Works in both CPython and PyPy (included with PyPy)
  • Lower call overhead than ctypes

Install Rust

from either of:

I recommend installing Rust via multirust so that you can compile projects that use unstable features (core) as well as testing for Rust 1.0,1.1, etc backwards compatibility.

The per-directory override mechanism is especially nice.

Build library


This will create a libtreble.dylib

Run the Python client

<cffi.api.FFILibrary_./libtreble.dylib object at 0x1089d5490>
math from rust! 30
from cffi import FFI
except ImportError:
print "pip install cffi, included with PyPy"
ffi = FFI()
lib = ffi.dlopen("./libtreble.dylib")
print lib
# <cffi.api.FFILibrary_./libtreble.dylib object at 0x107f440d0>
ffi.cdef('int treble(int);')
print "math from rust!", lib.treble(10)
#![crate_type = "dylib"]
// compile: rustc
pub extern fn treble(value: i32) -> i32 {
value * 3
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I like that this is basically "rustc and go" so I can try pulling out a single, bottle-necked function. If I had to combine large Python and large Rust projects, then PyO3 is 100% the way I would go. For porting one function, instead of putting it up as a FaaS/Lambda/micro-service, I really like this use of CFFI.

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seanjensengrey commented Jan 28, 2022

I think now I would compile the Levenshtein code to Wasm and load it into Python via Wasmtime. @KevinWhalen totally with you on safe inprocess servers. Composes like a web service, fast like a function call.

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