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# mtcars as as service
# Create a JSON API for your data with GitHub + Blockspring
# This script will filter rows of mtcars based on API parameters
# import relevant libraries
# Get data from GitHub
mtcars_raw <- tempfile()
mtcars_raw, method = "curl", quiet = TRUE)
mtcars_github <- read.csv(mtcars_raw)
# Read values from Blockspring API and filter data accordingly.
mtcars_result <- filter(mtcars_github,
mpg >= mpg_min, mpg <= mpg_max,
cyl >= cyl_min, cyl <= cyl_max,
disp >= disp_min, disp <= disp_max,
hp >= hp_min, hp <= hp_max,
drat >= drat_min, drat <= drat_max,
wt >= wt_min, wt <= wt_max,
qsec >= qsec_min, qsec <= qsec_max,
vs >= vs_min, vs <= vs_max,
am >= am_min, am <= am_max,
gear >= gear_min, gear <= gear_max,
carb >= carb_min, carb <= carb_max)
# cat() the result so only pure JSON is returned from the POST request.
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