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Last active March 4, 2020 00:54
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!function () {
var analytics = = || [];
if (!analytics.initialize) if (analytics.invoked) window.console && console.error && console.error("Segment snippet included twice.");
else {
analytics.invoked = !0;
analytics.methods = ["trackSubmit", "trackClick", "trackLink", "trackForm", "pageview", "identify", "reset", "group", "track", "ready", "alias", "debug", "page", "once", "off", "on"];
analytics.factory = function (t) {
return function () {
var e =;
return analytics
for (var t = 0; t < analytics.methods.length; t++) {
var e = analytics.methods[t];
analytics[e] = analytics.factory(e)
analytics.load = function (t, e) {
var n = document.createElement("script");
n.type = "text/javascript";
n.async = !0;
n.src = "" + t + "/analytics.min.js";
var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
a.parentNode.insertBefore(n, a);
analytics._loadOptions = e
analytics.SNIPPET_VERSION = "4.1.0";
// We can pass more data to this event.;
// ======== Event tracking code ========
// My understanding is that we only have access to 2 instapage events (the ones I found in
// - instapageFormSubmitSuccess
// - instapageAnchorClick
// An alternative is to add callbacks to `analytics`(segment) not familiar with this but in my TODO.
// callback to trigger code upon a landing page form submit
var formCallback = function (form) {
// Simple way to access form data
var formData = new FormData(form);
// Instapage is a bit quirky with how it captures values of the form submit, but you should be
// able to use this code and replace the form fields with whatever your page is capturing.
// This is an option to fetch form fields values, we depend on names.
// We could do something fancier to avoid this dependency. 1) read keys 2) fetch and dump in object (manual serializer)
// Prob best option to make generic tracks. One that fits all
var name = formData.get('Name');
var email = formData.get('Email address');
var phone = formData.get('Phone number');
var zipCode = formData.get('Zip code');
var numberOfAcres = formData.get('Number of acres');
// Segment event track call. You'll want to capture the variant for a/b testing purposes.
// Here is where we need to replace this code for Avo code if we want
// Add more fields (Jira card)"Form Submission", {
pageDomain: window.__page_domain,
name: name,
email: email,
phone: phone,
zipCode: zipCode,
numberOfAcres: numberOfAcres,
window.instapageFormSubmitSuccess = formCallback.bind(this);
// Generic track trigger to any click event
var clickCallback = function (element) {
// I was not able to add more granular data to the event...
// Inner html could be enough (?)"Click event", {
pageDomain: window.__page_domain,
buttonInfo: element.innerText
window.instapageAnchorClick = clickCallback.bind(this);
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