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Created Sep 16, 2020
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iOS Fastfile release lane
lane :publish_appstore do |options|
pretty: "- (%ae) %s",# Optional, lets you provide a custom format to apply to each commit when generating the changelog text
date_format: "short",# Optional, lets you provide an additional date format to dates within the pretty-formatted string
match_lightweight_tag: false, # Optional, lets you ignore lightweight (non-annotated) tags when searching for the last tag
merge_commit_filtering: "exclude_merges" # Optional, lets you filter out merge commits
skip_waiting_for_build_processing: true
version = get_info_plist_value(
path: options[:scheme]+"-Info.plist",
key: "CFBundleShortVersionString"
build = get_info_plist_value(
path: options[:scheme]+"-Info.plist",
key: "CFBundleVersion"
message: "Hi! A new iOS "+options[:scheme]+" build has been submitted to TestFlight",
payload: {
"Build Date" =>,
"Release Version" => version+"."+build
channel: slack_channel,
slack_url: slack_url,
use_webhook_configured_username_and_icon: true,
fail_on_error: false,
success: true
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