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Created Sep 16, 2020
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iOS Fastfile env vars
app_name = 'ReactNativeBase' # The base name of your app (extended with -Target)
xcodeproj = app_name+'.xcodeproj' # The xcodeproj name eg: ReactNativeBase.xcodeproj
workspace = app_name+'.xcworkspace' # The xworkspace name here eg: ReactNativeBase.xcworkspace
team_id = ENV["APPLE_TEAM_ID"] # The organization's team id in the Apple Developer portal
cert = ENV["APPLE_CERT"] # Local path to distribution certificate file to be used for signing the build
key = ENV["APPLE_KEY"] # Private key (.p12 file) used for encrypting certificate
key_pwd = ENV["APPLE_KEY_PASSWORD"] # Password to private key file
slack_url = ENV["SLACK_URL"] # Slack webhook url and channel name for sending notifications upon completion
slack_channel = ENV["SLACK_CHANNEL"] #
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