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Finish all opened activities in my Android app (also across different tasks)
class MainApplication : Application() {
private val createdActivities = mutableListOf<WeakReference<Activity>>()
override fun onCreate() {
fun closeAllActivities() {
createdActivities.forEach {
private fun activityLifecycleCallbacks(): ActivityLifecycleCallbacks {
return object : ActivityLifecycleCallbacks {
override fun onActivityCreated(activity: Activity?, savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
if (activity == null) return
override fun onActivityDestroyed(activity: Activity?) {
if (activity == null) return
createdActivities.removeAll { it.get() == activity }
override fun onActivityPaused(activity: Activity?) {}
override fun onActivityResumed(activity: Activity?) {}
override fun onActivityStarted(activity: Activity?) {}
override fun onActivitySaveInstanceState(activity: Activity?, outState: Bundle?) {}
override fun onActivityStopped(activity: Activity?) {}
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