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eugenehp / account.js
Created September 5, 2015 23:31
loopback-angular-passport authentication
'use strict';
* @ngdoc function
* @name appApp.controller:AccountCtrl
* @description
* # AccountCtrl
* Controller of the appApp
pulkitsinghal / 01-override-User-model.js
Created December 2, 2014 03:27
Strongloop/Loopback - Override User model via boot script
module.exports = function(app) {
var User = app.models.User;
// TODO: (1) find an example of how to add new "properties" to the built-in User mode via boot script
// (2) This is how you can add a "relationship" to the built-in User model via boot script
var SomeOtherModel = app.models.SomeOtherModel;
User.hasMany(SomeOtherModel, {as: 'someOtherModels', foreignKey: 'someOtherModelId'});
// (3) This is how you can add "remote methods" to the built-in User model via boot script
bradoyler / mapReduce-WordCounter.js
Last active November 6, 2022 01:45
Using Map-Reduce in Javascript: counting words in a string.
// for counting words in a string
var words="Hi there and hello there. Welcome and hello there.";
var wordcnt = words.replace(/[^\w\s]/g, "").split(/\s+/).reduce(function(map, word){
map[word] = (map[word]||0)+1;
return map;
}, Object.create(null));