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sebastianpech / mu4e-org-contacs.el
Last active June 7, 2018 16:48
Email contact completion mu4e using org-contacs
(defun sp/read-contact-list ()
"Return a list of email addresses from org-contacts"
(setq groupscontacts nil)
(setq contacts nil)
(setq groups nil)
(mapcar (lambda (dbrow)
(let ((contact (elt dbrow 2)))
(let ((email (cdr (assoc "EMAIL" contact)))
(name (cdr (assoc "ITEM" contact)))
(groupexp (cdr (assoc "GROUP" contact))))
sebastianpech / PGF-zcolor.ipynb
Created May 3, 2017 08:53
Plots.jl: PGF-zcolor
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