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find YOUR git history amoung lots of git repositories
## include on your .zshrc (or similar)
#### tested on OSX
function findGitHistory() {
targetUser=$(git config --get
[[ "${targetDir}X" = "X" ]] && targetMonth=$(pwd)
[[ "${targetMonth}X" = "X" ]] && targetMonth=$(date +"%b")
[[ "${targetYear}X" = "X" ]] && targetYear=$(date +"%Y")
for repo in $(find "${targetDir}" -type d -name \.git | xargs -n 1 dirname ); do
echo repo_dir: $repo
cd $repo
git log --pretty=format:"%h - %an, %ad : %s" | grep "${targetUser}" | grep "${targetMonth}" | grep "${targetYear}" 2>/dev/null
done | most

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@fabriziomello fabriziomello commented Feb 28, 2019

parece ter um bug na linha 11, não deveria ser "... && targetDir=$(pwd)" ???

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