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To select adapter, use: PerfTest.exe [ADAPTER_INDEX]
Adapters found:
0: Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics
1: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530
2: Microsoft Basic Render Driver
Using adapter 1
Running 5 warm-up frames and 5 benchmark frames:
Performance compared to Buffer<RGBA8>.Load random
Buffer<R8>.Load uniform: 48.527ms 5.955x
Buffer<R8>.Load linear: 243.487ms 1.187x
Buffer<R8>.Load random: 286.351ms 1.009x
Buffer<RG8>.Load uniform: 49.022ms 5.895x
Buffer<RG8>.Load linear: 242.316ms 1.193x
Buffer<RG8>.Load random: 288.927ms 1.000x
Buffer<RGBA8>.Load uniform: 48.962ms 5.902x
Buffer<RGBA8>.Load linear: 244.140ms 1.184x
Buffer<RGBA8>.Load random: 288.981ms 1.000x
Buffer<R16f>.Load uniform: 49.989ms 5.781x
Buffer<R16f>.Load linear: 242.649ms 1.191x
Buffer<R16f>.Load random: 287.790ms 1.004x
Buffer<RG16f>.Load uniform: 48.921ms 5.907x
Buffer<RG16f>.Load linear: 243.826ms 1.185x
Buffer<RG16f>.Load random: 286.305ms 1.009x
Buffer<RGBA16f>.Load uniform: 48.855ms 5.915x
Buffer<RGBA16f>.Load linear: 242.278ms 1.193x
Buffer<RGBA16f>.Load random: 288.235ms 1.003x
Buffer<R32f>.Load uniform: 49.272ms 5.865x
Buffer<R32f>.Load linear: 241.286ms 1.198x
Buffer<R32f>.Load random: 286.946ms 1.007x
Buffer<RG32f>.Load uniform: 48.587ms 5.948x
Buffer<RG32f>.Load linear: 242.442ms 1.192x
Buffer<RG32f>.Load random: 287.429ms 1.005x
Buffer<RGBA32f>.Load uniform: 48.562ms 5.951x
Buffer<RGBA32f>.Load linear: 241.818ms 1.195x
Buffer<RGBA32f>.Load random: 287.268ms 1.006x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load uniform: 15.647ms 18.469x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load linear: 49.962ms 5.784x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load random: 51.418ms 5.620x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load2 uniform: 13.941ms 20.728x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load2 linear: 93.546ms 3.089x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load2 random: 140.016ms 2.064x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load3 uniform: 19.754ms 14.629x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load3 linear: 168.581ms 1.714x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load3 random: 312.721ms 0.924x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load4 uniform: 13.932ms 20.743x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load4 linear: 175.224ms 1.649x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load4 random: 340.677ms 0.848x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load2 unaligned uniform: 15.152ms 19.072x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load2 unaligned linear: 99.901ms 2.893x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load2 unaligned random: 145.827ms 1.982x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load4 unaligned uniform: 16.249ms 17.784x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load4 unaligned linear: 199.205ms 1.451x
ByteAddressBuffer.Load4 unaligned random: 378.326ms 0.764x
StructuredBuffer<float>.Load uniform: 14.309ms 20.195x
StructuredBuffer<float>.Load linear: 50.181ms 5.759x
StructuredBuffer<float>.Load random: 51.750ms 5.584x
StructuredBuffer<float2>.Load uniform: 13.856ms 20.856x
StructuredBuffer<float2>.Load linear: 94.388ms 3.062x
StructuredBuffer<float2>.Load random: 141.301ms 2.045x
StructuredBuffer<float4>.Load uniform: 13.493ms 21.417x
StructuredBuffer<float4>.Load linear: 175.457ms 1.647x
StructuredBuffer<float4>.Load random: 340.806ms 0.848x
cbuffer{float4} load uniform: 13.443ms 21.497x
cbuffer{float4} load linear: 242.860ms 1.190x
cbuffer{float4} load random: 285.850ms 1.011x
Texture2D<R8>.Load uniform: 24.519ms 11.786x
Texture2D<R8>.Load linear: 97.392ms 2.967x
Texture2D<R8>.Load random: 97.824ms 2.954x
Texture2D<RG8>.Load uniform: 24.376ms 11.855x
Texture2D<RG8>.Load linear: 97.068ms 2.977x
Texture2D<RG8>.Load random: 97.767ms 2.956x
Texture2D<RGBA8>.Load uniform: 24.509ms 11.791x
Texture2D<RGBA8>.Load linear: 101.171ms 2.856x
Texture2D<RGBA8>.Load random: 101.069ms 2.859x
Texture2D<R16F>.Load uniform: 24.874ms 11.618x
Texture2D<R16F>.Load linear: 97.947ms 2.950x
Texture2D<R16F>.Load random: 97.385ms 2.967x
Texture2D<RG16F>.Load uniform: 24.324ms 11.881x
Texture2D<RG16F>.Load linear: 98.257ms 2.941x
Texture2D<RG16F>.Load random: 97.672ms 2.959x
Texture2D<RGBA16F>.Load uniform: 24.408ms 11.840x
Texture2D<RGBA16F>.Load linear: 101.515ms 2.847x
Texture2D<RGBA16F>.Load random: 195.229ms 1.480x
Texture2D<R32F>.Load uniform: 24.677ms 11.710x
Texture2D<R32F>.Load linear: 97.829ms 2.954x
Texture2D<R32F>.Load random: 97.614ms 2.960x
Texture2D<RG32F>.Load uniform: 24.859ms 11.625x
Texture2D<RG32F>.Load linear: 97.809ms 2.955x
Texture2D<RG32F>.Load random: 194.397ms 1.487x
Texture2D<RGBA32F>.Load uniform: 24.660ms 11.719x
Texture2D<RGBA32F>.Load linear: 243.432ms 1.187x
Texture2D<RGBA32F>.Load random: 195.579ms 1.478x
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