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public class Dialect {
* Build the IdentifierHelper indicated by this Dialect for handling
* {@link Identifier identifier) conversions. Returning {@code null} is
* allowed and indicates that Hibernate should fallback to building a
* "standard" helper. In the fallback path, any changes made to
* the IdentifierHelperBuilder during this call will still be incorporated
* into the built IdentifierHelper
* @param builder A semi-configured IdentifierHelper builder.
* @param dbMetaData Access to the metadata returned from the driver if needed and if available. WARNING: may be {@code null}
* @return The IdentifierHelper instance to use, or {@code null} to indicate Hibernate should use its fallback path
public IdentifierHelper buildIdentifierHelper(IdentifierHelperBuilder builder, DatabaseMetaData dbMetaData) {
public enum IdentifierCaseStrategy {
public class IdentifierHelperBuilder {
private boolean globalQuoting = false;
private Set<String> reservedWords = new TreeSet<String>( String.CASE_INSENSITIVE_ORDER );
private IdentifierCaseStrategy unquotedCaseStrategy = IdentifierCaseStrategy.UPPER;
private IdentifierCaseStrategy quotedCaseStrategy = IdentifierCaseStrategy.MIXED;
private NameQualifierSupport nameQualifierSupport;
// mutators
public IdentifierHelper build() {
return ...
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