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Last active November 9, 2022 11:21
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// Replace items in `as` with a matching `id` with the
// respective item in `bs`, otherwise append new items.
const abs = Object.fromEntries([ => [, a]), => [, b])
// The 'trick' is that if you have two entries with the same id
// (in this case, implying that the value was updated within `bs`)
// then with this method the value of the right-most entry will be used.
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sebinsua commented Nov 9, 2022

If I get time I will implement an immutable version of Counter.

function total(map) {
  return map.values().reduce((acc, count) => acc + count, 0);

function mostCommon(map, n) {
  // ...
  // Not trivial to do well, so I'll come back to this... :)

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