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Gene Ontology evidence codes to determine how a certain annotation came into existance
# instance of Gene Ontology Evidence code (Q23173209)
go_evidence_codes = {
'EXP': 'Q23173789',
'IDA': 'Q23174122',
'IPI': 'Q23174389',
'IMP': 'Q23174671',
'IGI': 'Q23174952',
'IEP': 'Q23175251',
'ISS': 'Q23175558',
'ISO': 'Q23190637',
'ISA': 'Q23190738',
'ISM': 'Q23190825',
'IGC': 'Q23190826',
'IBA': 'Q23190827',
'IBD': 'Q23190833',
'IKR': 'Q23190842',
'IRD': 'Q23190850',
'RCA': 'Q23190852',
'TAS': 'Q23190853',
'NAS': 'Q23190854',
'IC': 'Q23190856',
'ND': 'Q23190857',
'IEA': 'Q23190881'
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