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__author__ = 'Sebastian Burgstaller'
__licence__ = 'GPLv3'
Test retrieval and construction of a WD json representation
import PBB_Core
import pprint
import time
from PBB_login import WDLogin
label = 'BRCA1'
domain = 'genes'
item_id = 'Q1232'
data = {
'P477': ['BRCAI', 'BRCC1', 'DACDE'],
'P480': ['ENSG00000012048', 'ENSG000000324112', 'ENSG000000AAAAA']
references = {
'P477': [
'ref_properties': ['P149', 'TIMESTAMP'],
'ref_values': ['Q816', 'TIMESTAMP']
'ref_properties': ['P149'],
'ref_values': ['Q213']
'ref_properties': ['P149'],
'ref_values': ['Q213']
start = time.time()
user = ''
pwd = ''
# create a login object first which can later be used to retrieve write tokens and write cookies
login_obj = WDLogin(user=user, pwd=pwd, server='')
wd_item = PBB_Core.WDItemEngine(wd_item_id=item_id, domain=domain, data=data, server='', references=references)
# wd_item.set_aliases(aliases=['tttttt','ttad'], lang='en', append=True)
wd_item.set_description(description='ddasedikke112', lang='en')
end = time.time()
print('Time elapsed:', end - start)
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