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Release 1.1
Fixes for peer ui review
Fixes for peer review
Fix for share list dialogue
Fixes for ui review
Fixes for filter values and display text
Release 1.0
Modifications to Share list notification and social buttons
Adding the ability to remove images from share list
Fix for editing list when multiple items selected
Fix for share list images property being removed
Fix for linter and list image param
Fix for setting updating list using token
Updating list creation feature
Adding ability to persist list to local storage
Modifying image list data service
Adding fixed header when scrolling on browse page
Fix for footer disclaimer
Fix a casing typo
Fixes for linter
Editing homepage image
Editing homepage image and filter provider names
Adding ability to add list item on mobile
Switching API to HTTPS
Enhancing image loading on search grid page
Revisions for user testing feedback
Code code cleanup and fixes
Fixes for photo detail page and homepage
Homepage cleanup
Adding infinite scroll for grid
Adding filters and fixing event delegation problem
Adding code for photo detail and filter
Adding share bar and code cleanup
Fix for open style tag on homepage
Adding grid structure, Puex for state management, and restructuring layout
Adding initial code for homepage
Fixes for eslint errors
Adding API service
Modifying travis.yml file to cache node modules
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