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WLAN SSID Sniffer in Python using Scapy
#!/usr/bin/env python
from scapy.all import *
ap_list = []
def PacketHandler(pkt) :
if pkt.haslayer(Dot11) :
if pkt.type == 0 and pkt.subtype == 8 :
if pkt.addr2 not in ap_list :
print "AP MAC: %s with SSID: %s " %(pkt.addr2,
sniff(iface="mon0", prn = PacketHandler)

Very nice.

Hi, I wanted to know how I can leverage Scapy to tell me the Encryption type as well (WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS Enabled). I am doing some research on Wifi security and I really need to code something using python and scapy that would tell me the ENC type. Can you help please?

uforek commented Jul 21, 2014

Quick question...

Would checking the packet for the Dot11Beacon layer be the same as checking the packet type for 0x00 and subtype for 0x08, as in your script above?

I wrote a similar script where I was getting strange results on occasion and unfortunately never logged the complete packet to debug the issue, but it appeared as the value in the packet's info var would sometimes appear empty or with unexpected ascii chars.

If you want to sniff SSID then why you only catch beacon packets? Correct version and probe request sniffer . Also please try keep your script running a long period of time and look your cpu/mem... all packets will be in memory.

@uforek: yes, subtype 8 is beacon

is there some spesification for the network interface ? it didn't works well on mine

I'm having a problem with my sniff().
I used from scapy import * instead of scapy.all import *

hello evryone,
I am using mininet-wifi to send dot11 packets from station1 to station 2 but I am not able to send.May b I am making mistake in send and sniff commands...Please suggest

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