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Last active February 2, 2023 06:44
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service account gap
const saApiAdmin = new gcp.serviceaccount.Account(`sa-apiadmin-${projectEnv}`, {
accountId: `sa-apiadmin-${projectEnv}`,
displayName: `A service account used for bucket access for API`,
const storageRWRole = new gcp.projects.IAMCustomRole(`role-api-storage-rw-${projectEnv}`, {
description: "Bucket/pubsub read write role",
permissions: [
roleId: `roleapistoragerw${projectEnv}`,
title: `role-api-storage-rw-${projectEnv}`,
const saApiAdminIam = new gcp.serviceaccount.IAMBinding("saapiadmin-account-iam", {
members: [pulumi.concat("serviceAccount", ":",],
export const saAdmin =;
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