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Last active Sep 25, 2017
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Decentraland terraformation process proposal


This is a proposal for a process to distribute the first areas of Decentraland among the existing community members of Decentraland during the terraformation event.

This proposal intends to create some order and incentive for governance among the first users of DCL (which will be friendlier to DCL visitors who are not among builders of DCL) and also freedom for wilder exploration for those who don't want as much restrictions to begin with.


  • Founding-LAND: LAND distributed during terraform event. This contrasts with normal-LAND (below). Owned by DCL for 1 year.

  • Genesis city: the group of all founding-LAND.

  • normal-LAND: LAND that gets claimed through FCFS process after terraform event distribution. Perpetually owned buy claimant.

  • Founding-citizens: existing community members who can prove their identity (CIVIC?) and hold at least 1000MANA (have skin in the game) ahead of Terraform event. They become normal-citizens after Terraform event unless they become landholding-founding-citizens

  • normal-citizens: any user of DCL (LAND-holding or not).

  • Terraform event: event during which Founding-citizens can request random plots of founding-LAND. Coordinates of those plots will be defined at the end of the event. Large contiguous founding-LAND can be requested but approval from DCL team is required (based on proposals). these plots can be swapped between founding-citizens through a special smart-contract only while founding-LANDs exist. The final distribution of founding-LAND will follow DCL land distribution restrictions: claimed LAND can only exist next to another claimed LAND.

  • landholding-founding-citizens: founding-citizens that have successfully applied for founding-LAND.

  • Founding-council: a deliberative council of landholding-founding-citizens which advices DCL team (management).

  • Common terms: terms which will be set by DCL team on advice of Fouding-council for what CANNOT be built on Founding-LANDS. only regulates founding-LANDs.

  • FCFS process: the process through which any MANA holder can burn 1000MANA to claim 1LAND contiguous of existing LAND. This system will start only after Terraform event. LAND claimed through this is perpetually owned by LAND owner.

  • LAND shape (optional): hexagonal to increase options for LAND claim propagation (see for more details)


  • Founding-LAND will be controled by DCL for the first year of DCL being open to the public (even in beta form). Buildings in that space will be temporary (1 year). Founding-LAND ownership ultimately stays with DCL until the end of first year.
  • Governance of what can be built on founding-LAND will be regulated by Common terms.
  • Founding-LAND is distributed (for free, given that DCL will still own it) during Terraform event: each founding-citizen can place a request for a single plot. Larger requests will need DCL team approval based on merit.
  • DCL has enforcement powers on infrigment of Common Terms. Founding-council can also report and request removal of content on any Founding-LAND. Infringing landholding-founding-citizens will lose control of LAND if decided by DCL team on advice of Founding-council. this citizen loses landholding-status and voting power in Founding-council.
  • At the end of first year, DCL team decides whether to extended status of Founding-LAND for another year or convert it into normal-LAND on advice of Founding-council. If conversion into normal-LAND is agreed, existing content will disappear once new land-owners take control of the new normal-LAND. method to distribute this new normal-LAND: to be decided.
  • normal-LAND can be claimed and developed as seen fit by their land-owners (anti-social behaviour in nomal-LANDs will be regulated among neighbours).
  • ultimatly, all LAND in DCL will become normal-LAND unless DCL team (on advice of Founding-council) keeps renewing founding-LAND status.


(in progress)

"mario" at (:pbfcoin:)

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