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Will Thompson sefffal

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sefffal / implot-bg-example.jl
Created Aug 30, 2020
CImGUI and ImPlots on background thread
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# Start Julia 1.5 with more than 1 threads.
# Then run `] add ImPlot CImGui` to install deps.
using CImGui
using CImGui.CSyntax
using CImGui.CSyntax.CStatic
using CImGui.GLFWBackend
using CImGui.OpenGLBackend
using CImGui.GLFWBackend.GLFW
using CImGui.OpenGLBackend.ModernGL
sefffal / SNROptConvex.jl
Created Mar 18, 2021
Main optimization step of direct SNR optimization
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using Convex
using COSMO
using LinearAlgebra
- Matrix containing the flattened subtraction region of all the images